October 5, 2016



Hi Nikki. School is the worst. Not just because of the homework, but because of the other kids! They disrespect the teachers and I don’t. I feel like an outcast. They’re SO BAD that it’s hard to make new friends. Please help!

Almost Antisocial

Hi Almost Antisocial! Wow, I hear you. School can kind of be the worst. Mainly because of having to get up EARLY and do tons of HOMEWORK and deal with CCPs…but still! There’s a lot of excitement around this time of year, but personally I find it kind of stressful. It’s just a big transition. You have no idea what teachers you’ll get, how you’ll get all the homework done, how friends will have changed over the summer, or if you missed the memo on whether or not Converse Sneakers are still cool.

Anyway, I think it’s SUPER awesome that you are determined not to change your behavior toward teachers. I find it hard to believe, though, that you are the ONLY respectful kid in your whole school. I know it can sometimes feel that way. But usually it just takes a few bad apples to make an entire classroom feel like a hostile place. Imagine how many other people are feeling the same way? They might be sitting quietly and not objecting, but not adding to the chaos. Or, some might be going along with the disrespect, but only doing it because they’re afraid they won’t fit in.

So, I can DEFINITELY see not being super friendly with the worst offenders. But, I don’t think that means you have to cut yourself off from all social contact! Even if you’re shy, everyone needs a few friends. Especially to survive school! And, it sounds like you want them.

I think the trick is to connect with people who think like you do, because I KNOW they’re out there. (I was SURE when I first went to WCD that I would NEVER find someone I fit in with. But now I’ve got my BFFs, Chloe and Zoey! )

I wonder if your school has some clubs or activities that might attract a more respectful crowd? I’m thinking of something that works with a teacher as an advisor, like the school newspaper, student council, or debate team. Or volunteering in the library, like I do with my BFFs! You could even start a club, if there’s something that interests you, like a computer club, science club, or a community service club.

By getting involved in something that might attract more respectful kids, hopefully you could make some friends.

Just don’t cut yourself off from ALL kids. Even the ones who are disrespectful are probably being that way because they’re going along with the way “everyone else” acts. So maybe they need someone else to follow, like you!

Try to keep an open mind, and you’ll find your people. You really will! Fingers crossed that you find your Chloe and Zoey as soon as possible!!!

What does everyone else think about the way kids treat teachers? Can you fit in AND be respectful?