August 31, 2020

Hey Dork fans, I have GREAT NEWS!!

I’ve created two new EXCITING scavenger hunt games that you can play either indoors or outdoors. The really cool part is that you can play by yourself with family members, or even online with your friends!

This will be the PERFECT activity for the upcoming Labor Day holiday on September 7th, when you’ll be chillaxing at home with your families.

To make the game more challenging, you can compete with a person to see who finishes the list first or gets the most items. Pretty cool, huh?!

Please click on the videos below to get started. I have both an INDOOR and an OUTDOOR scavenger hunt waiting for you.


Oh, one last thing–don’t forget to print out your scavenger hunt lists by clicking on the links below!

What do you think of my new scavenger hunt game? Leave your thoughts in the comments section!