February 12, 2020


Valentine’s Day will be here soon, and I am SO excited!!

I finally finished the super-cute, hand made Valentine’s cards that I’ll be giving out to my family and friends. Oh, and to my, um…CRUSH!  SQUEEEEE!!

Will you be GIVING or GETTING a Valentine’s Day gift?  If so, I have TWO fun and super-cool suggestions that you’re going to LOVE!


What better way to spend YOUR Valentine’s Day than reading about the ENDLESS DRAMA that happened on MINE!!

I was a nervous wreck about asking Brandon to the SWEETHEART DANCE at school!  But, somebody else doing everything in her power to make sure it DIDN’T happen!

Here is a link to a SNEAK PEEK of the first 50 pages of Dork Diaries Book 6 so you can read all about my DISASTROUS day!!

Here is a short book video:





Great news!  I have finally added a Dork Diaries merch page to this website!

Please check here often for fun, new Dork Diaries stuff!  I added posters a week ago, and I’ll be adding party supplies in March!  Yes, soon you can have a party with plates that have my cute little FACE on them!  SQUEEEE!!

Our Dork Diaries posters are huge and colorful and come in THREE awesome designs!

And, to help you choose WHICH poster design is PERFECT for you, I actually made a QUIZ!

Click on the photo below to take my fun DORK DIARIES POSTER QUIZ!!

Tell me in the comments section below what you think of the Dork Diaries Book 6 SNEAK PEEK!  Also, which Dork Diaries poster did you get in the quiz and which one is your favorite?