November 25, 2019


Thanksgiving is right around the corner! A time for turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potato pie, and stuffing! Speaking of stuffing, you basically stuff yourself crazy with SO MUCH FOOD that you feel like passing out on the couch! I just love this holiday. ☺

Not only is it a time for food, family and fun, but it’s also a time to remember what you’re thankful for. I know, that sounds really CORNY (I can’t stop talking about FOOD, guys! SORRY!), but it’s true.

So, today I decided to list ten things that I’m SUPER thankful for! Want to hear what they are? Okay, here’s my list:

  1. My ADORKABLE puppy, Daisy!
  2. The friends I’ve made at Westchester Country Day. I used to be scared I’d NEVER make any, but thank goodness I did!
  3. My LIT art skillz!
  4. That my little sister, Brianna, hasn’t made me lose my mind (YET!).
  5. That all the raking in our yard is finally DONE so that nobody can make me do it again or mess up anymore of my leaf piles (that means YOU, Brianna)! ☹
  6. That me and my band, “Actually, I’m Not Really Sure Yet” got to go on tour with the BAD BOYZ! SQUEEEEE!! ☺
  7. That I’m not a mean and conceited CCP of seething WRETCHEDNESS like a certain petty, lip gloss-addicted person I know (MacKenzie, if you’re reading this, SORRY, NOT SORRY!)
  8. That I can totally PIG OUT on Thanksgiving and eat as much of my fav desserts as I want! And, mom WON’T complain since it’s a holiday!
  9. That nobody knows I cried like a baby during Frozen II…oops. Did I just write that online??
  10. And of course, this list just wouldn’t be complete without being thankful for MY FAMILY. And YES, that includes Brianna too!

Now it’s YOUR TURN! What are you thankful for? Feel free to list as many things as you want in the comments below. I look forward to seeing your answers!