April 17, 2022


Squeeeee!! Easter is here! Another holiday, another excuse to eat MASSIVE amounts of chocolate!

Except this year! I’m sitting in the kitchen TOTALLY grossed out because Brianna decided to be a cute little prankster!

Normally, my parents make me an Easter basket filled with a huge selection of sugary goodness. But, this year Brianna wanted to help make it for me!

She gave me a beautiful basket with a bunch of colored hardboiled eggs! I lasted all of two minutes before deciding to eat one!

I grabbed one of the eggs and banged it against the table to crack it.  But instead of getting a delicious little hardboiled treat, I got gross stringy white and yellow stuff all over my hand.

Then I pulled my hand up too fast and flicked a bunch of yolk into my hair. SOOO gross!!

OMG! Brianna forgot to boil the eggs!!

At least, I’ll have some delicious Easter desserts this afternoon when I hang out with Chloe and Zoey at the Cupcakeria!