October 15, 2021

Halloween Haunted House Map

Guess who’s attending the Halloween Haunted House this year?!! Me and my BFFs, Chloe and Zoey! SQUEEEEE!! The house is so HUGE that there’s a map of ALL the SPOOKY rooms. So far, we’ve visited the:

1) Freaky Front Yard With Eerie Entrance

2) Frightening Foyer

3) Scary Skeleton Bathroom

4) Horrifying Hallway

5) Creepy Doll Bedroom

6) Ghostly Bedroom

7) Zombie Kitchen

8) Deadly Dining Room *NEW ROOM*

9) Frightful Family Room *FINAL ROOM*

Each time we enter a room in the haunted house, I’ll reveal a FRIGHT-FULLY FUN, new Halloween activity or game just for YOU!  Simply click on a room on the map below and… BEWARE!!

Check back twice a week during the month of October to see more ghostly rooms in the haunted house and play new Halloween games.

Don’t forget to revisit old rooms to play even more games!