December 19, 2019

Fun Snowman craft

Snowman Tea Light Ornaments

Okay, so here’s what you need:

  • Red and black felt (or craft foam)
  • Ruler
  • Battery operated tea lights
  • White Glue (or craft glue)
  • Black, Pink, Orange & Red Sharpie Markers
  • String or yarn (any color)
  • Mini wiggly eyes
  • Assorted 3/8 inch ribbons (select your favorite colors and designs)
  • Assorted pipe cleaners (select your favorite colors)
  • Scissors
  • Itty bitty craft pom-poms balls (select your favorite colors)
  • Mini craft pom-poms balls (select your favorite colors)

*Optional – With your parent’s help, you can use a glue gun for this project instead of using regular white glue or craft glue but be careful since the glue gun can get hot!


First, turn on your tea light to determine if the flame needs to be colored with the orange sharpie. If the tea light flame is white or yellow, carefully color it with your orange Sharpie so your snowman will have an orange carrot nose. If the light is orange when you turn it on, you don’t need to color it. ☺ Next, look at the shape of your tea light. If your tea light has a curve, rotate the tea light so the tip of the flame (the snowman’s nose) is pointing up. Right above the snowman’s nose, add 2 small drops of glue for the eyes then place your mini wiggly eyes on the drops of glue. Using the black sharpie, draw a mouth below the nose. The mouth can be little black dots, a smiley face or anything else you’d like. If you want rosy cheeks or blush, add 2 small dots next to the mouth using the pink sharpie. If you want red lips, use your red sharpie to make cute heart shaped lips. Feel free to use your artistic skills and imagination to make all types of Adorkable, wacky, and funny faces for your snowman.

Ear Muffs:

Once the face is finished, cut a piece of pipe cleaner 2.5 inches long to make the top band of the snowman’s ear muffs. Curve the pipe cleaner around the tea light then glue the pipe cleaner onto the tea light by adding a drop of glue to both ends of the pipe cleaner. Hold the pipe cleaner in place for several seconds for the glue on the ends to hold. Remember, do not put glue on the top part of the pipe cleaner ear muffs since that area needs to remain open. Next, take 2 mini craft pom-poms balls and glue them to the pipe cleaner at both ends to make the ear muffs. You can also get super creative by twisting pipe cleaners together to make fun designs for your ear muffs.

Top Hat:

If you’d rather have your snowman wear a top hat instead of ear muffs, cut out a small rectangle of black felt (or craft foam) 1½ inches wide and 1¼ inches tall. Next cut the black felt (or craft foam) into the shape of a top hat. Add trim to your hat by gluing on a small piece of ribbon.

Santa Hat:

For a festive Santa hat, cut out a small square of red felt (or craft foam) 1¼ inches wide and 1¼ inches tall. Next cut the red felt (or craft foam) into the shape of a Santa hat (or the shape a shark fin! LOL!!). Trim your Santa hat by either gluing on a small piece of white pipe cleaner and a mini craft pom-poms ball to the tip of the hat or you can add a bunch of itty bitty craft pom-poms balls for the trim instead.


Cut a piece of ribbon 5½ inches long to make the snowman’s scarf. Make a small circle with the ribbon but have the ends overlap to make a crisscross. Add a small drop of glue to the ribbon to hold the crisscross shape in place. If you want to decorate your scarf you can cut the ends of the scarf at an angle and then glue on 2 itty bitty craft pom-poms balls to the end of your ribbon. Next, you’ll need to attach the scarf to the snowman. Add a small line of glue to the back inside top part of the ribbon then attach your scarf to the snowman tea light. You can continue to decorate your scarf by adding more pom-pom balls if you like.

Ornament Hanger:

Cut a piece of string or yarn 9 inches long to make the snowman’s ornament hanger. If your snowman is wearing ear muffs, slide the string or yarn underneath the pipe cleaner ear muffs then tie a knot in the ribbon to connect the string or yarn to the snowman ornament. If your snowman is wearing a top hat or Santa hat, you’ll need to glue on the ornament hanger to the top of your snowman tea light after tying a knot in the ribbon. Once the string or yarn is attached to the ornament, use the loop to hang your snowman ornament on your Christmas tree.