May 8, 2018

Finish the Story

My boring day at school seemed to drag on forever, until something super EXCITING and UNEXPECTED happened!

I just left Bio and stopped by my locker to put away my stuff. That’s when I saw a note on it from Chloe and Zoey that said:

Hey Nikki, 

You won’t BELIEVE what just happened! Meet us in the janitor’s closet ASAP!

Your BFFs,

Chloe And Zoey

I rushed over to the janitor’s closet. The next thing I knew, Zoey grabbed me in and quickly closed the door.

Chloe flashed me her jazz hands. “Hey Nikki! Guess what?”

I could hardly contain my curiosity. “What is it, you guys?!”

Zoey giggled and replied, “We…”

Why are Nikki and her BFFs in the janitor’s closet, and what exciting news does Chloe and Zoey have to share with her?