October 3, 2014


October Fan Story

Remember my Aunt Mabel who’s been visiting? She’s been SO totally humiliating that I’ve seriously considered running away and joining the circus.

That’s right, growing a beard and wearing a tutu for little kids’ amusement would be FAR LESS embarrassing than all the stuff she’s done to me!

But I think maybe she won’t be doing that anymore, because last night we all went out to dinner and I gave her a taste of her own medicine by playing a practical joke on her! This is what happened…

If you have a great ending to this story, please e-mail it to me at fanstories@dorkdiaries.com! Title your e-mail “October Fan Story.” I will select the top six stories and post them here. The six winners will also receive a Dork Diaries mini poster! SQUEEEEE!!

Good luck!