September 30, 2019


Hey everyone! Great news!!! My new book, DORK DIARIES BOOK 14: TALES FROM A NOT-SO-BEST FRIEND FOREVER comes out on Tuesday, October 22nd. SQUEEEE!!

OMG! I had the most exciting summer, EVER!!

My bandmates and I FINALLY went on tour as the opening act for the world-famous Bad Boyz! It was a DREAM COME TRUE!!!

Everything was PERFECT until my DREAM turned into a NIGHTMARE! You will NOT believe what happened!!

Hey! Would you guys like to see a SNEAK PEEK of my new book, like right NOW? If so, click on the pic of me and my BFFs, Chloe and Zoey.  Brandon took this photo during one of our rehearsals.

Also, please don’t forget to PRE-ORDER your copy of Book 14 HERE so it will be waiting for you when you get home from school on Tuesday, October 22nd.

And, I’ll be posting TWO more sneak peeks over the next two weeks. 🙂

After you’ve read the sneak peek, TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK IS GOING TO HAPPEN IN THE NEXT CHAPTER? Please post your thoughts below in the comments section!

Click on the photo below to read the sneak peek!