October 14, 2018


Dear Brandon,
Yesterday, the most popular girl in my class handed out invitations for her virtual Zoom party. EVERYBODY got one except for me. And, when I asked her if I could come too, she said NO. I feel so left out. PLEASE HELP!

Pity Party

Hey Pity Party,

WHOA. That’s a REAL BUMMER. If you’ve never done anything to that girl (besides, like, borrow a pencil or something), then you’re probably wondering what you did to deserve this.

Did you know that something very similar happened to my friend, Nikki Maxwell, in Dork Diaries Book 1? This really popular girl named Mackenzie Hollister was handing out invitations to her party. When Nikki thought she was invited, MacKenzie rudely rubbed it in her face that she wasn’t. So, we totally feel your pain!

The sooner you get your mind off of that girl’s party, the better. Here’s what I suggest:

  1. It’s not your fault. Sometimes people do hurtful things, but please don’t blame yourself or it’ll crush your self-esteem. (Not to sound like your guidance counselor but it’s true. Your self-esteem determines how good you feel about yourself.) Instead, focus on your real friends and how great they think you are. I’m sure that they’d invite you to a party anytime. 
  2. It’s not worth it. The fact that she didn’t want you at her party shows that she’s not very friendly. So, why would you want to go to her party anyway? Which reminds me—in Dork Diaries Book 2, Nikki actually makes it to MacKenzie’s party. Unfortunately, she has a lousy time (if you want to know all the deets, just check that book out). So believe me—you’d have A LOT more fun at a party for someone who’s kind and considerate enough to invite you. 
  3. It’s not the end of the world, even though it might feel that way. It’s only ONE party. There will be lots of other parties in the future that you’ll get invited to. 
  4. It’s not too late to throw your OWN virtual Zoom party! Why wait around for your birthday? Just throw one for fun and invite all of YOUR favorite people. Do all the things you love, since it’s YOUR party and YOU are the boss of it. 
  5. Read the two Ask Nikki posts for February 17th and 20th: Miss Your Friends? Plan A Virtual Party! Part 1 and Part 2 for tips on how to make your party the best ever.

Hopefully, your pity party won’t last much longer if you follow my advice. 

Hey everyone, what advice do you have for Pity Party? How do you deal with not getting invited to a party?