April 15, 2015



Hi everyone! Sorry I left you hanging with my Easter story last week.

I’ve been super busy with school stuff, and I’ve also been recovering from the trauma of that HORRIFYING experience! I’m all good now, though, so here’s the rest of what happened!

As you might remember, I heard the doorbell ring right after I zipped up that itchy Easter Bunny costume. As soon as I got it on, I knew why my mom couldn’t have worn it…it was SUPER small and tight!

It felt like someone wrapped my whole body in fifteen layers of furry saran wrap!

I started sweating almost immediately, and I really wanted to get it off and jump into a big pile of snow.

But I didn’t have any time, because all of a sudden I heard the Shufflebottoms chanting, “We want the Easter Bunny! We want the Easter Bunny!”

In case you don’t remember, the Shufflebottoms are these triplets from Brianna’s class named Candy, Bambi, and Brandy.

Soon after, my mom poked her head in my bedroom, tossed me a basket filled with chocolate eggs, and said, “Come on down and hand these out, and don’t forget to smile!”

Since a big, creepy bunny head was covering my smile, I could have been foaming at the mouth with massive fangs sticking out, and I doubt it would have made a difference! But I didn’t want to upset my mom so I said, “I’m smiling, and coming!”

When I finally met the Shufflebottoms, Brandy yelled, “Hi Mr. Easter Bunny! Where are our Easter baskets?!”

Next, Candy started pulling on my arm, screaming, “We want candy! We want candy!”

And then, Bambi started grabbing at the side of the costume, shouting, “Let’s have an Easter egg hunt!!”

These kids were REALLY bratty!

Then I heard two simultaneous sounds that were equally TERRIFYING: the doorbell ringing, and my costume ripping.


My costume had ripped RIGHT down the back, and Brandon was at the door!

I whisper-yelled, “MOM! Control the kids, I’m getting changed!”

But apparently, I yelled more than whispered, because one of the Shufflebottoms screamed, “MOM?? You’re not the Easter Bunny!”

Mom pushed all the kids into the kitchen and told me to go get changed, so I pulled off the super hot, heavy head and started walking backwards up the stairs.

I figured they’d let Brandon in right after I got out of sight, but then I heard, “Hi B-Man!” Brianna had opened the door, and Brandon was looking RIGHT at me!!!

My hair was drenched with sweat and matted to my head, and I looked like a TOTAL mess!

I seriously almost cried…that’s how embarrassed I was! I said, “Brandon, I was just…”

Luckily, he’s the sweetest guy in the world! He responded, “Wow, it’s chaos central here! You get changed, and I’ll go help with the kids!”

And luckily, my mom felt bad for me, because as soon as I came back downstairs, she said, “I think you’ve put up with enough drama for one day. I got this. You two go have fun at the animal shelter!”

After that, we walked to the shelter and had an awesome time hanging out. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m grateful for the Shufflebottoms.

They’re all TOTALLY crazy, but because of them, I had a totally awesome day hanging out with Brandon!