September 25, 2017


OMG, it’s finally time! Fall is in the air!! 🙂

I was SO excited when I realized Starbucks had started selling their famous creamy caramel apple cider. That means it’s really FALL!

I had ordered my drink and was waiting for the barista to make it, when these two CCP girls came in. They looked at the menu, and were all like, “Ugh, creamy caramel apple cider. That drink sounds SO LAME!”


I was SO excited to drink my fav fall beverage. But as the barista handed the drink to me, the CCP girls snickered and rolled their eyes at me.

“Figures,” one of them said. “She’s such a dork!”

At first I was embarrassed. Like enjoying a stupid drink was something to get embarrassed about. But you know what? That drink was DELICIOUS! So then I started to get ANNOYED.

Why do some people feel like they need to make fun of things that make other people happy?! I mean, it’s so NOT COOL to suck all the fun out of stuff! I feel like people do this especially when it comes to fitting in.

But, people should STILL be allowed to enjoy what they enjoy. And other people should keep their snooty noses out of it!

So, I’ve decided to make a list of some things that I STILL LIKE no matter what other people think, and I’m NOT ashamed to admit it! Because these things make me HAPPY, and happiness is AWESOME!

  1. CREAMY CARAMEL APPLE CIDER WITH EXTRA WHIPPED CREAM! Yes, I STILL love this drink, so those annoying CCP girls can go cry themselves a river, build a bridge, and GET OVER IT!!
  2. PUMPKINS! Pumpkins are the perfect symbol of fall. They remind me of when I was little and used to go to the pumpkin patch with my preschool class, and when we used to lug a pumpkin home and my dad helped me carve it.
  3. DRESSING UP FOR HALLOWEEN! While I’m on the subject of fall, I’m already thinking about a Halloween costume. Some people say I’m too old to care. But whatever! Dressing up in costumes is FUN! (Unless you’re frantically switching between two different costumes like that one time I tried to do a Halloween dance and Halloween kids party at the same time…I don’t recommend that!)
  4. WORD GIRL ON PBS! This is a show Brianna got me hooked on. I guess it’s for little kids. But whatever! Word Girl is a superhero who uses the power of words to fight crime! Like, how cool is that?! AND she has a monkey sidekick! There are lots of shows, movies, and singers people say are cool or not cool. But you know what IS cool? Enjoying what YOU think is cool!!
  5. THRIFT STORES! People can look down on used clothes all they want, but I got my entire back-to-school outfit for $12, including the shoes! I started going to thrift stores when I wanted more school clothes than my parents would pay for. A little allowance doesn’t go very far at the mall, am I right? And now, I just LOVE to treasure hunt through thrift stores! And buying used is good for the planet, too!
  6. PIGTAILS! For some reason, a lot of girls stop wearing their hair in pigtails by, like, second grade. But I don’t get it! It’s a super cute hairstyle! And you can lean back in a car without mashing your ponytail against the back of your head! One of these days, Hollywood is going to catch on, and movie stars are going to start wearing their hair in pigtails on the red carpet and on magazine covers, and then EVERYONE will be doing it!! And I’ll be the one who started the trend!!! (But even if it never becomes trendy, I’ll always keep my pigtails!)
What are some things that make YOU happy that other people might make fun of? You can admit it in the comments – we’ll support you, because DORKS STILL RULE!! 🙂