November 2, 2020

Cool New Video!

Hi Everyone!  I had a really fun Halloween and I hope that you did too!  

I am dying to share an exciting video by Brooke at Studio B about all of the DRAMA that I had to deal with last year at Halloween!  

My BFFs Chloe and Zoey, my crush, Brandon, and my little sister, Brianna all made big plans for me to spend Halloween with each of them 😀!   At the SAME time ☹!  

And, OMG! I almost had a complete MELTDOWN!    

Brooke has been a Dork Diaries superfan since she was 7 years old!  I hope you enjoy her video about Dork Diaries Book 2: Tales From a Not-So-Popular Party Girl!

Did you enjoy this video?  Would you like to see more of these videos, and if so, for which Dork Diaries books?  If YOU made a Dork Diaries video, what would it be about?   Please post your comments below.