October 20, 2022


I am really fun, a bit unpredictable and you like to confess things to me.  I can provide great company when you’re lonely or even when you’re hanging out with your friends. I can be addictive, so at times we may need to take a break from one another. At any given moment, I can make you laugh, daydream, scream or cry!!!

Who or What am I?


Dorky Truth or Dare – Halloween Edition!

After my study session with Nikki and Zoey we played this game for over an hour. Then, after they left, I played all by myself just to see whether I’d get a Truth or Dare and what my answer would be. Being a Crushologist, I’m totally into relationships and why people think what they think and do what they do. Once I know your secrets and have your answers to my deep and private questions, I can recommend the best paring of friends and tell you who’s crushing on who. My Halloween Truth or Dare is especially fun because while you’re playing my game and enjoying yourself, we can ALL celebrate the Spookiness of Halloween!

Ready to have some fun?!? Grab a few friends, spin the wheel, and tell me what you think! Check back next week to see an updated spinner with lots of new Truths and Dares.