May 1, 2018


GREAT NEWS!  Today is the release date for HOW TO TRICK THE TOOTH FAIRY, by Erin Russell, the co-author of Dork Diaries. My little sister, Brianna, is TOTALLY OBSESSED with the tooth fairy, especially since she lost a tooth yesterday.  But, before I tell you about all of that DRAMA, here is the super cute book trailer for Erin’s book.  ENJOY!

Who will be the Princess of Pranks?  Kaylee or the tooth fairy?!  

Well, if you ask ME, I’d like to nominate…BRIANNA!   

OMG if I fail my history test today, it will NOT be my fault!!!

Also, if I fall asleep before I finish this diary entry, it will NOT be my fault!

Okay, just kidding!  I need to stay awake to tell you how AWFUL my night was!! But, I’m SOOO exhausted!

So last night at dinner, we had corn on the cob for dinner, which is usually great. I love corn on the cob! Except! I do NOT love when Brianna loses a tooth while eating it!!! (While eating anything, really, but I will forever hold a grudge against corn on the cob after last night.)

At first, she was super excited. Yay! She lost a tooth! Life milestone! Financial opportunity!

But then reality sank in – she realized that losing a tooth meant the TOOTH FAIRY WOULD COME. Horrors!!!

Brianna’s afraid of the tooth fairy. It’s one of her (MANY) quirks. And I mean, when you think about, she’s not wrong to be concerned. Like, this stranger comes into your house—into your BEDROOM—in the middle of the night?!? Doesn’t that sound sketchy?! I have the same questions about why a big dude in a red suit is encouraged to break into our house and steal our cookies!

So getting Brianna calmed down enough to go to sleep was almost IMPOSSIBLE!  But, hey, THAT was my parents’ problem NOT mine, thank you very much!

But, I couldn’t escape Brianna’s loud whimpering and whining, so by the time she was in bed, I had a splitting headache! So, I grabbed earplugs and an eyemask in an attempt to block out all of the DRAMA and get some sleep.   

FINALLY!  It was quiet. It was dark. It was…FUZZY?! 

I pulled off my eye mask and was suddenly face to face with Mr. Fluffles.  Brianna’s stuffed unicorn!!

And Mr. Fluffles wasn’t alone!!! There was Brianna, plus four other stuffed animals, two Barbie dolls, AND our dog, Daisy. 

“Um, excuse me, Brianna?  But, WHY are you and your toys CRASHING my bedroom in the middle of the night?!”  I grumbled still half-asleep.

She didn’t even answer – she just shoved her way under the covers, bringing all the creatures with her. “We’re sleeping here tonight,” she announced. 

“You are NOT!” I shot back.

Her lower lip trembled. “Mom said the tooth fairy won’t come if I’m in their bed. But, she didn’t say anything about YOUR bed.”

She had me there. And I’m not made of STONE. “Fine,” I said. “But you better be STILL and SILENT.” I mean, how annoying could she be when she’s ASLEEP?!?!


She fell asleep quickly, which I thought was great until I heard that she snores louder than Max Crumbly mowing Mrs. Wallabanger’s lawn! And then, if she wasn’t kicking or poking me, one of her stuffed animals was smothering me! On top of all of that, Daisy seemed to think it was party time!!

I don’t think I got ANY sleep all night long! But, somehow I must have fallen asleep because soon it was morning and Brianna was jumping on my bed!! 

With me in it!!! 

“Nikki! Nikki! Nikki!!  WAKE UP!!”  she screamed. 

“OMG, just go away!” I mumbled and pulled the covers up over my head. 

“LOOK! The tooth fairy left me four whole dollars!!!” Brianna exclaimed. 

I peeked at her from under the covers.

Brianna held up her giant plush tooth with the pocket on the front, where the tooth fairy was supposed to leave the money. She pulled out the dollar bills to show me, in case I didn’t believe her.

I don’t think the tooth fairy ever gave ME four whole dollars for a single tooth! NOT FAIR!!

“And look, Nikki!” she said. “YOU got a dollar too.”

I looked where she was pointing and saw a dollar on my pillow. 

“Why would I get anything? Brianna, that probably fell out of your tooth pocket.”

“No, Nikki!” Brianna said as she flopped down next to me looking super serious. “It’s for YOU!  I only pretended to be asleep, but REALLY I stayed awake all night, and I saw the tooth fairy come in, and she put the money in MY tooth pillow and then she put another dollar on top of YOUR pillow! After that, she said, ‘What a nice big sister! She let her little sister, Brianna, sleep in her bed with all of her favorite toys, even though it was really crowded and she was kind of grumpy about it. So, I think Nikki deserves a reward too.’  So, guess what Nikki?  The tooth fairy waved her magic wand, and there were magic sparkles and a dollar bill appeared on your pillow. DING!  Then she opened the window and flew right out! I saw all of that with my own eyes. I really did!” 

“Brianna, are you SURE? You didn’t just GIVE me one of your dollars to be nice because I let you sleep in my room?!” I asked a little suspicious. 

Brianna squirmed a little, “NO WAY! I didn’t give you that dollar for being nice to me, the tooth fairy did!  I actually saw her do it!”  Brianna exclaimed. “I really DID!  Sort of…!”      

I didn’t know which was HARDER to believe – that the tooth fairy had left ME a tip for allowing Brianna to sleep in my bedroom, or that Brianna was actually sharing part of what the tooth fairy had left for HER! 

“Thanks, Brianna,” I said, taking the dollar. “If you see the tooth fairy again, will you thank her for me? I didn’t mind sharing my room, since you were a little scared last night.  Especially since you’re my FAVORITE little sister!” 

I didn’t mention the fact that she was also my ONLY sister.

“Really?! I’m your FAVORITE?!” Brianna lunged forward and gave me a huge bear hug.  “Okay, Nikki! I’ll give her your message. But, you know what?!  If you let me sleep in your room again TONIGHT, I’ll introduce you to the tooth fairy!  I’m pretty sure she’ll stop by again to visit in the next couple of weeks.”


WHAT have I gotten myself into?!!

Has the tooth fairy ever left you money for your tooth?   Were you nervous about the visit?  
I’d like to hear your personal experiences, but, no spoilers please ;-)!    
What do you think YOUR tooth fairy looks like? Is she 6 inches tall with pink hair? 
Better yet, tell me YOUR exciting tooth fairy adventure like Erin’s, HOW TO TRICK THE TOOTH FAIRY, book above.  
Be creative and have FUN!