March 8, 2021

Brandon needs your advice!!

Hey Everyone, 

Since this column is called ASK BRANDON, I’m always the person giving the advice.  

However, this week, I personally NEED advice! 

Okay, I know this request is probably a little…okay, A LOT weird, but I need to know what you think. 

My good friend, Nikki Maxwell, has been encouraging me to start keeping a diary.  Although most of us guys, prefer to call it a journal.  I told her that I would think about it. 

I decided to mention this idea to my best bud, Max Crumbly, and get his opinion. He was like, “Heck yeah, you definitely should keep a journal, dude!  I’m already working on my fourth one!”

So far, that is two “YES” answers!

This is the big question that I need YOUR advice on:    

Should I start keeping a journal?

Also, what should I write about because I have NO idea?! 

Should I include fun doodles or drawings?  Although to be honest, I have no talent whatsoever at drawing. 

This leads me to my next important question. If I decide to add drawings to my journal, who should I ask to create them? I know THREE really good ARTISTS:  

1) My best bud, Max.  

2) My crush, Nikki Maxwell.  

3) MacKenzie Hollister (who for some strange reason is always hanging around me)       


4) Just try to draw them myself.  Doodles are fun and silly and don’t have to be perfect! 

By the way, I would ask my artist to draw on a separate piece of paper, then I’d just tape the drawings into my journal!  Otherwise, the person might read all of the personal stuff I wrote!

Since I’m an avid photographer, instead of drawings, maybe I could just take cool PHOTOS for my diary entries.  What do you think of THIS idea?

Anyway, I would really appreciate your thoughts on my possible journal project. 

Who knows!!  Maybe I’ll consider sharing my personal journal with the ENTIRE world like Nikki and Max C. did 😀!! 

Please post your advice to ME (Brandon) in the comments section below. 

Your best bud,