February 25, 2021

Ask a Question!: Zoey’s Dorky Details

Great news!  By popular demand, we’ll soon have another NEW and EXCITING installment of…


However, FIRST, we need YOU to submit the BURNING QUESTIONS that you’re just DYING to ask Zoey!   

Based on the 40,000 votes we received from you earlier this month, the next book she’ll be “Dishing the Drama” on is: 

Zoey will be answering questions about Dork Diaries Book 12 as well as general Dorky questions (NOT related to a specific book). 

She’ll select 20 of YOUR questions and answer them in her video that will be posted on Monday, March 8th

Her answers to your questions will be real and accurate.  If she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll ask ME. 

And, if I don’t know the answer, she’ll ask Rachel and Nikki Russell, the author and illustrator of Dork Diaries!        

Please submit your questions on the two topics mentioned above in the comments section below. 

I’d also like to thank our SUPERFAN, Noelle, for her very cool work on our Zoey’s Dorky Details videos!