October 19, 2019


Dear Brandon,

Halloween is around the corner and I’m super excited! The only thing is that some of my friends think that trick-or-treating is lame and for little kids. But, I have a secret—I still LOVE trick-or-treating! I really want to go, but I also don’t want my friends to make fun of me. What should I do?

Halloween Headache

Hey Halloween Headache,

Not to be rude but, um…what’s up with your friends? You have every right to enjoy trick-or-treating if you want to. In fact, Nikki, my best bud Max Crumbly and I plan on trick-or-treating this year. A lot of high schoolers have fun going door to door for the sweet treats, too.

But seriously, I really do wonder why your friends think trick-or-treating is so lame. Is it because there are lots of little kids? Well, I’m sure they won’t care because there’s more than enough candy to go around. And as long as you’re polite, kids and parents won’t mind older kids joining in on the fun. That means no bullying, snatching candy, or smashing pumpkins. Not that you would ever do these things.☺

The thing is, people of all ages enjoy Halloween and trick-or-treating. Did you know the latest trend for Hollywood celebs is to dress up in Halloween costumes? I’m not just talking about the kids or teens—I’m talking adults all the way up to their mid-50’s (try Googling “Beyonce and daugher halloween costume,” and you’ll be amazed at what you see). And hey, a little free candy from your neighbors wouldn’t hurt, right?

So, I say get out there and rock your fav costume. Once your friends see your unshakeable confidence and how much fun you’re having, they’ll probably want to join in too. Or, you could always hide who you are with your costume so that they won’t even know it’s you showing up at their doorstep for candy. ☺

Are you planning on going trick-or-treating this year? Tell us about your costumes and plans in the comments!