September 30, 2017


dork diaries - Ask brandon_attractive guys

Whassup Brandon,

I know that this might sound like a really strange question, but…am I good looking? My buddy always raves about being better looking than I am and making all the girls swoon over him. And lately, I’ve been wanting to impress this girl, but I’m not really sure if I’ve got it going on in the looks department. Could you please answer my question so I won’t be confused about this?

Am I A Good Looking Guy

Hey Am I A Good Looking Guy,

Dude, I’ll be honest with you—what’s attractive to one person may not be as attractive to another.

Good looks are such a weird thing! Like, who decides what’s attractive? And maybe you can just point at a screen with photos on it and say he looks good or he doesn’t. But when you’re talking about people you know in real life, usually their whole personality has a part in deciding whether or not you think they’re good looking. The guy or girl who’s confident and charming seems better looking than the one who’s rude or insecure.

So, are you good looking? I’m guessing that you are, but the truth is, I have no idea. I DO know you’ll seem more attractive with self-confidence. And, anybody could use a boost in self-confidence, so I’ll do what I can to encourage you. Just be cool, be yourself, and be friendly to that girl you want to impress. If she’s awesome and nice like you, then you’ll definitely impress her!

And, focus on your connection with her—and anyone else you’re trying to be friends with, for that matter. Good looks might be the first spark of attraction, but people hang around and develop friendships because of things they have in common and because they enjoy each other’s personality, conversation and general awesomeness. If you’ve got those things going for you, it really doesn’t matter if you’re a complete troll in the appearance department (which I’m sure you’re not).

But also, don’t go overboard with the self-confidence. Your “buddy” who raves about being better looking than you are and making a bunch of girls swoon over him…well, he sounds pretty arrogant, and that’s not very attractive. It’s one thing to be self-confident and another to be a total egotist. Building other people up is way more attractive than bringing them down so that you feel bigger and better than they do.

So, my point is, don’t worry too much about your looks. Focus on getting to know people, connecting with them and learning about their interests, and you’ll be way more well-liked than some cardboard-cutout magazine cover-worthy dude.

Girls, would you please tell us in the comments what makes a guy cute to you?