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April 17, 2020

Dork Diaries Academy Class #1

Welcome to your first class at Dork Diaries Academy!  Today, we’ll be discussing Dork Diaries Book 14: Tales From A Not-So-Best Friend Forever! 😀

Nikki can’t believe her band (and BFFs) are going on tour as the opening act for the world famous boy band, the BAD BOYZ!  However, Nikki’s FRENEMY MacKenzie Hollister has weaseled her way onto the tour and could RUIN everything. Will Nikki’s DREAM tour be AWESOME or AWFUL?!

After you’ve finished your class, please choose one of the four FUN activities:

  • Become the Bad Boyz Fan Club President
  • Make a Bad Boyz Poster or T-Shirt
  • Create a Bad Boyz Tour Scrapbook Page
  • Enter the Bad Boyz Rap/Poem Contest

The instructions for each project, activity sheets, and Educational Guide (for parents and teachers) can be found below.

Just click on the PDF file to get the materials for your FAVORITE project:

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Academy Class #1


KEJ May 6, 2020
I Love Bad Boyz Poster
Austin, Texas
Ry May 6, 2020
Can’t Wait for Summer! (Poem)
San Francisco, California
Ry May 6, 2020
President for Bad Boyz Fan Club
San Francisco, California
cece May 6, 2020
Vote for Me for the Fan Club President
Paris, France
KEJ May 6, 2020
I Love Bad Boyz Poster
Austin, Texas