January 24, 2017


Nikki's Diary Blog Art Jan. 23rdIs artist’s block a real thing?? Because I’m pretty sure I have a REALLY BAD case of it!!!

It started kind of slowly. I didn’t do much doodling for a few days. Whatever. I was busy. I wrote in my diary. I just didn’t draw. Okay.

But then we were in the pediatrician’s waiting room and they were taking FOREVER and Brianna was going BONKERS. So my mom said, “How about Nikki draws something for you?”

So Brianna dragged me over to the kiddie table where they have paper and crayons, and then she instructed me to draw Princess Sugarplum. I can usually draw Princess Sugarplum IN MY SLEEP! With my left hand!!

But this time…I don’t even know WHAT I drew! I kept starting and stopping and starting over again. Finally the nurse called my mom and Brianna in, and I just sat there, staring at this HORRIBLE drawing I had done!

Is it possible to LOSE a talent overnight???

But maybe it was just because I don’t care about Princess Sugarplum. Art is supposed to be MEANINGFUL, right?

So when we got home, I went to my room and sat at my desk. And waited. I had NO idea what to draw!!!

Suddenly it felt like there was all this PRESSURE. Like whatever I drew, it had to be BRILLIANT, because otherwise it would mean I was never going to be able to draw again!!!

So of course I drew…nothing. ☹

Got called to dinner after a while. I sat there, trying to think of something brilliant to draw. Which meant I wasn’t paying attention and accidentally agreed to take Brianna miniature golfing next weekend!!!

UGH!!! That girl is a MENACE with a golf club!! I’m not even kidding! If I’m not careful, I’ll get whacked in the head!

By the time I got back to my room, I had to do my homework and then I had to go to bed, and then I tried to doodle all throughout school the next day.


I called an emergency meeting in the janitor’s closet.

Chloe had all sorts of crazy suggestions. “Draw a zebra! Draw a waterfall! Draw a zebra swimming over a waterfall!”

Zoey was a little more zen. “Why do you HAVE to draw something? Couldn’t you just take a break from art?”


I mean, I don’t blame Zoey. She just doesn’t get it. But taking a break from art is like taking a break from breathing! I think I have some weird form of artist-asthma! And I need to figure out what my artist-inhaler is. What’s the thing that will get me drawing again?!?!

I have no idea!!!

So I need your help, lovely readers!!! What do YOU do when you need to get the creative juices flowing? How do you get unstuck? There are NO dumb ideas!! Lay them on me!!! I’ll try ANYTHING!!!!

I mean, if nothing else works, maybe a whack on the head from Brianna’s mini-golf club will get me unstuck. But I hope it doesn’t come to that!!!!