December 20, 2016


nikkis-diary-dec-19th-brandon-surprises-nikkiSQUEEEEEE!! You’ll never guess who dropped by today! :)

I was chillaxing in my footie pajamas that my grandmother bought for me. Even though they’re hideous and kind of look like something Brianna would wear, they’re red, fuzzy as a blanket, and super-comfy!

Brianna was outside playing in the snow and kept on ringing the doorbell. And every time I opened the door, she’d jump out of the bushes and whip a snowball at me. I can’t believe that girl. I think she’s still on a sugar high from all the hot cocoa, candy canes and Christmas cookies she had for breakfast (since Mom is out grocery shopping, Brianna decided to make her OWN breakfast this morning).

Anyway, when Brianna rang the doorbell a FORTH time, I totally lost it!! So I jumped up, snatched open the door and screamed:


Only this time, Brianna didn’t jump out of the bushes and whip another snowball at me.

It was Brandon, and he was staring at me like I was ka-ray-zee!

“Um, sorry,” Brandon muttered. “I was just dropping off your Christmas present.” Then he nervously held out a large, beautifully-wrapped present.

OMG! I was SO embarrassed!! :(

“Oh, hi Brandon!” I sheepishly replied. “I didn’t know it was you. For the last ten minutes, Brianna has been ringing the doorbell and smacking me with snowballs.”

“Hey…very cool PJs.” he chuckled.

That’s when Brianna suddenly jumped out of the bushes and smacked both of us with snowballs. Brandon laughed, but I was SO embarrassed and irritated, I wanted to roll her around the yard until she turned into a giant snowball. But, I couldn’t because I was still in my pajamas.

As soon as Brandon left, I called Chloe and Zoey and told them I had an emergency! They needed to help me come up with a cool present for Brandon ASAP. So now I’m getting dressed and waiting for Chloe and Zoey to come over and help me figure out a present for him!

I need to come up with a really cool Christmas present for Brandon! What do you think? Should I buy him a gift or make one, and what should it be? I DESPERATELY need your help! So, please leave your advice below.