June 6, 2021

A Special BFF Surprise!

OMG!  We’re SO excited!   

It’s Chloe and Zoey here and we’re happy to FINALLY have our very OWN column on Dork Diaries! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

And, launching our column today is PERFECT timing because the three of us are BFFs, and GUESS what special day Tuesday, June 8th is?! 

NO!  It’s NOT..


Although we probably could really use a day like that!! 

OMG! Have you even checked that mess under your bed lately?! Under OUR beds it looks like the CITY DUMP!! Seriously!!  

Anyway, June 8th is a very SPECIAL day, especially for the THREE of US Because it’s…

YES!  FOR REAL!!   Well, WE added the “SQUEEEEE!” part for dramatic effect!  “SQUEEEE!” is NOT actually part of the OFFICIAL name of the holiday!!

Although, it COULD BE!! 

Anyway, because Tuesday, June 8 is National Best Friends Day, we’re going to have a special edition BFF DORK MAKER so YOU can create keepsake artwork of YOUR BEST FRIEND!  

It’s going to have several new BFF background options and word balloons along with cute BFF jewelry, t-shirts, and hats.  SQUEEEEEEE!!  This activity will start on Tuesday, June 8 and end on Friday, June 11th.  

But, there’s MORE…. 

On Saturday, June 12th, we’ll select a few of OUR favorites BFF artworks that YOU created to be featured right here!! 

So, remember to check back with us on Tuesday, June 8th to get started on your special edition BFF Dork Maker.   

LOVE you guys!  Talk to you later!!  OOPS!  Wait a second…      

We thought we were all done, but Nikki says we ALSO have to come up with something for you guys to post about in the comments sections.   

WOW, this column stuff is kind of complicated.  How about you post a comment on: 

1)  What are the three best positive qualities that you admire in YOUR best friend?   And, 

2)  What would you like us to talk about here in our new column?          

We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts.