October 30, 2017


Do you know how long I spent working on my Halloween costume? At least a month! Maybe more, if you count all the time I spent thinking about and planning it.

Guess what? It turned out PERFECT!!

I was going to be a book fairy! I got some old books from a thrift store and made a GORGEOUS skirt and wings out of the pages. I also made a magic wand and a little tiara, and it was honestly the cutest thing ever. Sure, I couldn’t really sit down without completely squashing the skirt, but other than that, it was PURE GENIUS.

Chloe, Zoey, and I were going to go to this huge Halloween bash at the community center. They throw this big party for older kids who maybe don’t trick or treat anymore but still want to dress up and do something fun. LOADS of people from school were going to be there, and other schools too.

When the day of Halloween finally came, in the middle of first period during school…I got the sniffles.

Okay, no big deal, whatever. I can handle some sniffles.

By lunchtime, though, I was sneezing constantly and my head was pounding.

And by fifth period, my history teacher sent me to the nurse when I was too dizzy to pass out papers.

I tried to tell my mom I was fine because SURE I couldn’t stand up or go a minute without sneezing my head off, but I STILL wanted to go to that Halloween party!

So THEN she was all, “Okay, if you’re fine then you get Brianna into her costume and do her face paint.”

Seriously. My mom is SO evil. I mean wicked witch of the west, brain-eating zombie EVIL!

Getting Brianna dressed is hard enough on a normal day, but on Halloween? When she’s already all hyped up on the Halloween candy she’s been sneaking all day?

I lasted about TWO SECONDS before I collapsed on her bed in a pile of snot, tissues and tears of frustration! Just great!! 🙁

“I’m really sorry, honey,” my mom said as Dad and Brianna headed out for trick-or-treating. “But you can help me hand out the candy!”

Yeah, if I wanted to spread my germs to every kid in Westchester!

I had to admit defeat. I sent a text to Chloe and Zoey telling them they’d have to go to the party without me. Then I dragged myself to my own bed and crawled in.

The doorbell started to ring. Sometimes I could hear the little monsters, fairies, and other assorted creatures shouting “TRICK OR TREAT” so loud it was like they were standing right outside MY door. It was ENDLESS!

And then they were BANGING on my window. It was so loud that I had to bury my head under my pillow!

“GO AWAY!” I shouted between sneezes. Then I started to wonder if it wasn’t trick-or-treaters, but actual zombies, vampires or ghosts? Right outside my window?! Ready to eat my brains/suck my blood/do whatever creepy creatures do?!!

(Okay, I feel like it’s only fair to point out that I just had some cold medicine that made me a little loopy.)

That’s when I dragged myself out of bed, staggered to the window, and cautiously peeked out.  Hey, you can NEVER be too careful with flesh-eating zombies!

To my surprise, it WASN’T a zombie, vampire or ghost.


Chloe and Zoey looked AMAZING in their costumes! Zoey had this shiny gold tiara on her head with matching cuffs on her arms.  She was also rocking these super-cute red boots with her very own shield and a “Lasso Of Truth” attached to her belt.

Chloe had this awesome grass skirt with this pretty top that looked just like Moana’s, and she had this beautiful blue pendant that looked just like the heart of Tefiti, plus a giant flower behind her ear.

Chloe and Zoey waved eagerly at me, then they disappeared.  I was staring into the darkness trying to figure out how they disappeared into thin air when I suddenly heard pounding on my bedroom door.

I opened the door and exclaimed, “Hey Chloe and Zoey! What’s up? Why aren’t you guys at the party?”

“Because it’s not a party without YOU, silly!” Chloe said. She reached into her purse and dumped huge handfuls of candy onto my bed.

“We stopped by the party for a second,” Zoey said. “Just to gather some candy, cupcakes, and other goodies!”

So I spent Halloween watching Hocus-Pocus with my BFFs, eating yummy goodies, taking silly selfies and having a blast.  Like, how cool is that?!

It was actually one of the best Halloweens ever. And hey! Looking on the bright side, I can use my book fairy costume for next year! 🙂

What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Tell me in the comments!