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June 1, 2020

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May 31, 2020


Hi Brandon,

Can you give a girl advice? My best friends have a crush…on the same guy! They both want me to keep it a secret, and I’ve been going CRAZY trying to hide it from them; they don’t know that they’re actually competing with each other! And the guy they’re crushing on isn’t even that great! A little help would be nice. Thanks!
So Sick Of Secrets

Hey So Sick Of Secrets,

Oh man, you are in a sticky situation!

It’s cool when someone trusts you with a secret, but sometimes keeping that secret is tough. And if you have to hide it from someone you care about, that’s even more tough!

The trouble is, there’s really no way for you to tell the truth without betraying your BFFs. I guess maybe you could encourage them to talk to each other about their crushes? Or just say you don’t want to talk about crushes anymore.

However, if that doesn’t work or they don’t want to tell anyone but you, you might have to put up with it for a while. Because being a trustworthy friend is important. You’d want them to keep your secrets, after all. And if you blab their secret this time, they’re not going to trust you the next time they have something super secretive they want to talk about.

I mean, there are SOME times when you shouldn’t keep secrets. If you know somebody is in trouble, or is going to hurt themselves or someone else, you shouldn’t keep that a secret. You should tell a trusted adult, like a parent or a school counselor!

That’s not what’s going on in your situation. I just didn’t want to make it sound like, to be a good friend, you have to keep ALL secrets. Because there are some times when being a good friend means spilling the beans, or telling the secret.

I have to admit, I LOL’d when you said he’s not even that great. 😀 Isn’t it funny how different tastes can be? I might love a book or movie that you thought was SUPER boring, and the same can be true for attraction to people.

But it sounds like your BFFs both have the same taste in crushes, even if you don’t see what they see in this guy. Hopefully sooner than later one or both of them will move on and then you won’t have to be the secret keeper. But until then…hang in there. You’re a really good friend!

Have you ever kept an uncomfortable secret? How do you keep from spilling the beans? Tell us in the comments!

May 28, 2020

My friends has a crush on me!!!

Hi Nikki,

HELP!!! I have a HUGE problem! My friend Tyler has a crush on me. We’ve been friends since kindergarten. Our families do stuff together all the time. I only think of him as a friend. But he told me he has a crush on me! I have a crush on someone else, and even if I didn’t, I just don’t think of Tyler that way. But how can I tell him that I don’t “like him like him” without hurting his feelings?

Bothered Bestie

Hi Bothered Bestie,

Big yikes, that’s a tough one!!! It’s hard enough when you don’t like someone who’s crushing on you. But to have it be a friend…and probably someone you’ll have to see regularly outside of school? Really big yikes!

It’s good to remember that while you probably feel helpless, you are actually the one with power in this situation. Tyler told the truth about how he feels. How you react will make a big difference in how you both feel, and whether your friendship survives.

Here’s what I think is SUPER important:

  1. Don’t lead him on. That’s when you pretend to “like him like him” back but really don’t! It can be REALLY flattering to know someone has a crush on you. And you might not mean to, but it’s tempting to sort of encourage the crush, even when you don’t feel the same way, because it makes you feel special. PLEASE don’t do that!! It’ll just make things WORSE. If you give him false hope, his feelings will be even more crushed when he realizes you don’t really like him.
  2. Be clear that your friendship with him is important to you. It’s not that you don’t like him as a person, you just don’t “like him like him”, like you said. It’s really hard when you’re the one crushing not to take that personally. It’s like, if you really like me, why don’t you “like me like me?!” What’s wrong with me? I know this because I’ve felt that way before.
  3. Be prepared that Tyler might need some space. His feelings will probably be hurt and he might need some time to deal with that and get over his crush. Don’t insist that everything stay exactly the same because of your friendship. That will just make it harder for him to get over you. So give him the space he needs, and as long as he knows you still want to be friends, hopefully he’ll chill out and things will go back to normal.
  4. Finally, DO NOT make a big deal of it. He’s going to feel embarrassed that he admitted his crush on you and it didn’t work out. So be as TOTALLY NORMAL as possible, especially when you guys are around other people, especially the ones who knew he had a crush on you.

Chances are really good he’ll get over his feelings with time and you will be able to go back to how things were before. Just make sure he has the time and space he needs, and that you’re clear about your feelings!

Have you ever had a crush on a friend? Or has a friend ever had a crush on you? How did you handle it?

May 27, 2020


So, I’ve been writing these spotlight posts for a while and it’s been SUPER fun and inspiring! There are A LOT ofawesome kids out there doing awesome things with their giant hearts, brains and imaginations!

But I realized that there are a LOT of ways to be a stand-out superstar. Some of them are the kids I’ve been writing about who’ve invented something, started a business, or found a way to help thousands of people. And they’re all AMAZING. However, there are also kids who do AMAZING things everyday but probably won’t get news articles written about them.

Like a kid who notices when someone is feeling left out and makes an effort to include them. AMAZING!

A kid who makes a “get well soon” card for their sick neighbor. AMAZING!

A kid who plays a game of Candyland with their four-year-old sibling so their Mom has time to finish her work-out. AMAZING!

A kid who shares her favorite book with a friend who doesn’t have books at home. AMAZING!

A kid who calls out gossip and puts a stop to untrue stories. AMAZING!

I could go on and on, but you get my point. We can all be amazing in our own ways!

If you feel comfortable, I want you guys to shout out what makes YOU amazing in the comments! (And if you’re not comfortable commenting, just think about it for yourself. Maybe write it in YOUR diary!)

If you need ideas, here are some ways YOU might be amazing:

  1. Empathy and compassion – Do you look out for others, and feel for them when they’re hurting? Do you offer a kind word when you can?
  2. Friendship – Are you a great friend? Do you remember to check in with friends you haven’t seen in a while, and make sure people know when you care about them?
  3. Responsibility– Do you stay on top of schoolwork or chores? Do people know they can count on you?
  4. Family member – Do you show gratitude to your family members? Do you step up and help when you can?
  5. Dedication and hard work – Do you work hard at the things that are important to you? Like school, sports, the arts, or STEM?
  6. Environment – Are you a champion for the planet? Do you think about your impact on the planet and try to make choices that are good for the globe?

So, let’s hear it! What makes you amazing?! Take a little bit of the spotlight by shouting yourself out in the comments!


May 24, 2020


Dear Brandon,

Whenever something upsetting happens—even little things—I cry! I cry when someone hurts my feelings, I’m embarrassed, or even when I’m mad! People make fun of me at school, and my parents yell at me when I cry about little things. I’m the oldest of four siblings, but I’m still the one who cries all the time! It’s SO humiliating, which makes me feel like crying even more! How do I stop?!


What’s Up Crybaby,

Okay—first of all, stop calling yourself a crybaby. It sounds like you’re a sensitive and emotional person, and while that can be inconvenient and embarrassing, it’s not a bad thing. It can be a really good thing, actually. Sensitive, emotional people are really in tune with what other people are feeling. They can also be really compassionate and good listeners.

To be honest, I think it’s better to be someone who cries easily than someone who doesn’t cry at all. People like you are better in tune with your emotions.

I talked to my good friend Nikki Maxwell. Honestly, I’ve seen her get super emotional over the really cute puppy in a car commercial! She had A LOT to say, so this week’s column is kind of more Ask Nikki than Ask Brandon. 😀

Turns out Nikki cried a lot MORE when she was younger (which I find hard to believe). She said it’s because she’s just a sensitive person, which she still is. But the older she got, the better she became at “managing her emotions,” which meant less crying.

These are her tips.

  1. Breathe. When you feel an emotion coming on that’s too big for the situation and might make you cry, breathe slowly, in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  2. Count. Try counting something around you, like floor tiles, or going through your multiplication tables in your head. This gives your brain a distraction.
  3. Step away. Go to the bathroom/step outside/get a drink of water. You don’t want to run away from your emotions, but when you’re in a situation where you know you’re going to get yelled at for being overemotional, taking a break to calm yourself down is a good idea.
  4. Make a plan. For situations where you know you might cry, think ahead about how you’ll respond. If you know you cry when you lose a soccer game, prepare before the game for the fact that you might lose. Remind yourself that there will be more games. And be ready to use the tips above if you do lose.
  5. Remember there’s nothing WRONG with tears. Crying is a way we communicate our emotions and share that we need comfort. Crying is also a normal and healthy release of emotions. There’s even different chemicals in tears, depending on what the body is reacting to and releasing! Isn’t that cool?

I hope that helps! I, for one, will try to stop laughing at Nikki when she almost cries over car commercials. 😀

Do you cry easily? Do you have tips for controlling your emotions when you need to? Do you feel better after a good cry? Tell us all about it in the comments.

May 21, 2020


Hi Nikki,

My sister and I got into this HUGE fight and now she’s giving me the cold shoulder. I want to make up. The thing is, I don’t really have anything to be sorry about. I’m sure I did something but my sister was kinda the one who started it! I just kept my cool and she still got mad. What should I do to make up?

Sorta Sorry Sister

Hi Sorta Sorry Sister,

OOF, it sounds like your sister knows how to hold a grudge. Truth be told, sometimes I do too. 😀

The thing is, if you had a fight, there were two of you in that ring throwing punches. (I mean, not literally. I hope!) It’s impossible for one person to fight alone. Like, your sister could have just started screaming at you out of nowhere about something, but you call it a fight, so there were two sides.

Now, this doesn’t mean you were both equally wrong. There are always two sides to every story, but sometimes one of them is right. I’m sure you think that’s you. 😀

Still, I’m afraid you said or did something that contributed to the fight. We all have been there! You’re the one who wants to make up, which is SUPER cool and mature of you, by the way! So if you really DO want to make up, it might be on you to put yourself out there a little bit. Apologize for whatever you can sincerely apologize for. And take care not to start the fight back up with a “you started it” or something. And if SHE starts the argument again, back straight on out of there, saying, “I don’t want to fight with you anymore.”

The other thing is, she might just need time. If she’s a champion grudge-keeper, it might not matter what you say. She might just have to get over it in her own time. If you give her time and space, it might go more smoothly if she chills out on her own. Just act normal and friendly, so she knows that you’re there when she’s ready to stop being mad.

Also, maybe there’ll be a specific conversation where you make up. But maybe not. Sometimes talking about arguments is healthy, but sometimes it just brings up the bad feelings again. It might be that you just need to let it go and after some time, things can get back to normal again. They will eventually. She can’t stay mad forever.

How do you make up after arguments with family or friends? Do you need a lot of time to simmer down? Tell us in the comments!

May 17, 2020


Hey Brandon,
I have a HUGE problem. I feel like I have a different crush every week. Sometimes every day! It’s like I’m ADDICTED TO CRUSHING!! First it was this boy named Connor. Then it was James. Then Liam. It’s never the same! My BFFs have the same long-term crushes and I wish I were like them. What should I do?

Constant Crushitis Crisis

What’s Up Constant Crushitis Crisis,

Okay, here’s my question for you: WHY do you want to be like your BFFs? Why is it better to have one long-term crush? Honestly, the crushes have no idea unless you tell them, so it’s really no big deal.

I think you could even argue it’s BETTER than a long-term crush. Because with a long-term crush you can sometimes start to despair that you’ve been crushing for so long and they’ll NEVER NOTICE YOU. But with a new crush every week, you’re always in that excited, hopeful stage. It sounds kind of great, right?

I’m guessing maybe you want to crush the same way your friends do because their way feels like the more “normal” way, and most of us want to fit in and be like other people. But as Nikki would say, sometimes you’ve just got to let your inner dork shine through!

Plus, when you crush on lots of people, you increase the odds of someone crushing on you back. And, If you crush on lots of people, it’s probably easier to move on if someone doesn’t like you, they move away, they start crushing on someone else or whatever.

The more I think about it, the better your way seems!

(Not that I’m ever going to ditch MY crush, because she’s really extra special. 😀 )

Are you a crush-a-week, crush-a-month, or crush-a-year kind of person? What are the best and worst parts of crushing? Tell us in the comments!

May 14, 2020


Dear Nikki,
I just LOVE reading your books and doing all the fun games and quizzes on this website! However, I feel embarrassed for being into “childish” stuff. When you read the fine print on the back cover of the book, it says that Dork Diaries is for ages 9-13. And I’m in high school! Do you have any advice?

Tales From A Not-So-Fearless Highschool Fan

Dear Tales From A Not-So-Fearless Highschool Fan,

I DEFINITELY have advice! Here it is:


Seriously though, labels about who can enjoy what books, shows, music, or whatever are TOTALLY random. I mean, except for stuff that’s been rated as inappropriate for younger kids. But Dork Diaries is for anyone who enjoys it! Kid, teen, adult, even grandma! I probably wouldn’t give it to a baby, unless you’re okay with it getting slobbered on. But other than that? It’s for EVERYONE!

You know who else Dork Diaries is for equally? Boys AND girls! I get quite a few boys writing to me to “confess” that they enjoy Dork Diaries. That’s awesome! I’m glad! I wish they didn’t feel like it was something that should be kept secret.

You know what else? No one is surprised to see girls reading and enjoying Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Wimpy Kid and Dog Man. Like, what’s up with that?! No one makes them feel weird about it. So why shouldn’t boys read books that feature a girl main character?

Honestly, I think it’s really important to read (or watch) stories about people who are different from us. It helps us understand each other better and have more compassion. I’m glad my books aren’t only read by girls in a narrow age range (even though I LOVE my dorky tween girl readers!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!).

Wow. I guess I had some strong feelings about this topic! LOL!!

This is actually something I see in your letters A LOT – not just about Dork Diaries, but other things you’re ashamed to be a fan of. Sometimes you might think you’re too young or too old for something. Other times you might feel insecure because you’re into something no one else is into, and it’s tough feeling like you’re not part of the crowd.

Guys, that’s what embracing your inner dork is all about! (LOL! when I typed that, at first I wrote ‘embracing your inner fork’ and now I’m trying to imagine it!) You should enjoy the things you enjoy because YOU enjoy them. That’s all that matters!

Don’t deny yourself the things you enjoy because of what someone else might say. And don’t pretend you like things just because other people are into them. There’s just too much great stuff out there to enjoy without wasting time on things that you aren’t really into!

Do you like something you feel insecure about? Or is there something everyone else is into that you just don’t get? Tell us all about it in the comments, and show readers like Tales From A Not-So-Fearless Highschool Fan some support!

May 5, 2020

Voting Results

I know everyone has been waiting anxiously for my announcement regarding the vote to add four new activities to my Dork Diaries web site!

A total of 84,362 votes have been cast and here are the results!:

Based on the fact that EACH activity received MORE than 5,000 VOTES…


This is going to be A LOT of work and will take some time!  But, my goal is to a NEW activity each MONTH.

I already added the Dork Diaries PODCAST in April!  And, for the month of May the next activity will be the DORK DIARIES ACADEMY since it got the MOST VOTES.

Each lesson will be a 14 minute video about a Dork Diaries Book and taught by a REAL teacher.  And, you’ll also get to complete a FUN and EXCITING project based on the lesson!

So, WHEN can you start taking classes at DORK DIARIES ACADEMY?!!


In 2 WEEKS?!  NO WAY!!

In 3 WEEKS?!!   SORRY!!

How about…in the next 24 HOURS!!  YES!  I am so NOT kidding!  SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 😀!

Check back here tomorrow and click on the link below to see if our school is open yet:

Are you excited about the new activities we’re adding? Which one is your favorite and why?  Tell me in the comments section below!

The School is not open

Check back later to enter the classroom!