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September 29, 2020

Quirky Question of the week

What’s up, friends! I have yet another dorkalicious Quirky Question Of The Week for you! Here it is:

WHO or WHAT gives you a severe case of RCS (Roller-Coaster Syndrome), also known as BUTTERFLIES?! Feel free to give us a short list of whoever or whatever it is. And don’t forget to include why!

Okay, I’ll go first! Here’s my list:

  1. Brandon Roberts, because he’s SUPER sweet and cute!
  2. My BFFs Chloe and Zoey, because they’re always a lot of fun to hang with!
  3. Writing in my diary, because I can say whatever I want and nobody else will see it but me!

Okay, now it’s YOUR turn! Please list what gives you RCS in the comments section below. I can’t wait to see your answers!

September 23, 2020

A Comic Strip from my best bud Max!

Hey readers! For this week, I’d like for you to hang out with my best bud, Max Crumbly. Below is a link to his website and a really funny comic strip about the challenges of going to school online.

After you’re done, please feel free to post comments below about how you like the comic strip.

September 22, 2020


Dear Nikki, 
It seems like now that I’m in middle school, all of my friends are suddenly more concerned about what they wear. We used to never talk about clothes. All of us just wore jeans, t-shirts, baggy sweatshirts and whatever. But now whenever we Zoom, my friends talk about shopping all the time and they all try to dress trendier. They’re all crazy about “accessories” and stylish clothes. A few of them wear make-up. One even wears high heels and plucks her eyebrows!! I’m not ready for any of that. I don’t even have my ears pierced!! I don’t want to lose my friends. What should I do?
Plain Jane

Hi Plain Jane,

I tend to embrace my inner DORK by wearing all kinds of clothes—okay, sometimes I don’t exactly wear them on purpose… like that one time our glam skating outfits were STOLEN by you-know-who and replaced with wacky clown costumes (you can read all about that in Dork Diaries 4: Tales from a Not-So-Graceful Ice Princess). Sure, I like wearing dresses every now and then, and occasionally I get a little jealous of the CCPs and all of their clothing bling, but I’m also a sucker for SUPER comfy sweatpants and sweatshirts. 

My mom says that if I have fun dressing up, then go for it, but if it’s not my thing, that’s completely fine, too! And as for wearing HEELS? Sure, those things can bring together a fierce look, but let’s face it—by the end of an hour, they’re as painful as watching MacKenzie make a snarky comment and then sashay away. (I just HATE IT when that girl sashays! ☹)

By the way, OMG, can you imagine eyebrow tweezers in the hands of my little sister Brianna at her so-called Salon Brianna? If she tried to give me another makeover with those things, I’d end up needing an ambulance!

SOOOOOO, no make-up, no necklace, no pierced ears? No problem! You don’t need accessories to rock whatever your look is—and more importantly, you don’t have to “rock” any look!

Have you ever read The Princess Diaries? It’s a book series—in the first book, there are two best friends, and when one of them starts to dress a little fancier, it starts to affect their friendship… but then they realize that appearances have nothing to do with who they are inside, so they make up (and by that, I DO NOT mean the icky, pasty kind you slather all over your face)! 

Hey, by middle school and high school we’re all kind of changing physically at different rates, and that kind of thing can also make people change how they want to dress. So be patient with your friends. They’re fine for wanting to explore new clothing styles and you’re fine for NOT wanting to. And okay, this is going to sound SUPER cheesy, but whether you love dresses, leggings or overalls, the most important thing is that you can feel like your true self—because I guarantee that you’re awesome! 😀

Here are some things you can keep in mind:

  1. Growing up doesn’t mean that you have to change who you are. Like I said, we’re ALL going through changes. You can play around with new clothing styles if you want to—but don’t feel like you have to force it!
  2. Have an honest talk with your friends about how you feel. Chances are, they don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable—they’re just excited about their new interests and want to share them with you. And guess what? Maybe some of your friends secretly feel EXACTLY like you!
  3. UM, MOTHER NATURE MADE ELASTIC FOR A REASON. We all need to be comfortable! Embrace the COMFY!
  4. On that note, comfortable clothes can TOTALLY be stylish!! So if you ever do feel like you want to go shopping with your friends, maybe have them check out a cool store with clothes that are more your style.
  5. Finally, remember that it’s fine to not even be THINKING about having a clothing style! If thinking about waking up for a day of clothes shopping makes you want to hit the Snooze button a million times, skip it (unless your mom’s making you go… or else you have to spend the day babysitting an annoying little sister like Brianna).

Okay, readers, your time to chime in—have you ever felt like your friends want you to be someone you’re not, whether it’s with clothes or something else? What did you do about it? Tell us all about it in the comments!

September 13, 2020


Hey Brandon,

Okay, here’s my issue—I love playing basketball and soccer, and I’m pretty good at both. I want to try out for my school’s teams this year… but my cousin says that if I keep playing sports and if I dress too “sporty” instead of “girly,” boys won’t like me. What should I do?

Dorky Dilemma

What’s Up Dorky Dilemma,

Being great at sports is awesome! In fact, working hard at ANYTHING is awesome. Want an example? My personal passion is taking photos for the school paper—even though it’s not being a quarterback on the football team, I still think it’s pretty cool. There was a time when I felt kind of self-conscious about it because other boys were really focused on sports… but seeing my hard work pay off and having friends like Nikki taught me that being on the newspaper staff is cool, too. 😊

Sometimes people put boys and girls in boxes—literally. Have you ever been to a fast food drive-thru for a Happy Meal box and have them ask, “Do you want the girl toy or the boy toy with those chicken nuggets?”

Whenever that happens, my grandma just sighs and says, “Honey, just pick the best toy! And throw in some extra fries!” Then she reminds me that she loves me, and that whether I get a robot, unicorn or a monster, getting any toy with lunch is pretty darn cool. AND THEN she asks if she can have half of my fries.

Um, okay, that was a crazy fast-food-way of saying that I don’t think you have to choose between being sporty or girly. I think you can be both. I think that every person can be more than one thing—like my friend Nikki (or like Serena Williams, who’s a world-champion tennis player that also owns a fashion line).

Okay, so Nikki’s not so great at most sports and she’s not as fashion-crazy as MacKenzie, but she’s artsy, musical and funny. And good with animals. And she’s a really great friend. And she’s got cute eyes. And a cute laugh. And this one time, her hair smelled really great when we bumped into each other in the library and—okay, wait a minute, I’m getting off-track.

The bottom line is that I think all of us can be more than one thing. I also think we don’t need to put serious definitions on things like “sporty” and “girly.”

I asked my grandma about your question and the first thing she said was:

“Well Brandon, what’s your definition of GIRLY?”

I just shrugged and responded, “Um… something that a girl does?”

She nodded. Then she asked me, “So, when a girl wears a t-shirt instead of a dress to school, isn’t that girly? If a girl plays a sport, isn’t that girly? When a girl twirls around in a prom dress, isn’t that girly? Aaaaaand, when a girl works as a rocket scientist and also happens to be an astronaut going to Mars, isn’t that GIRLY?”

Grandma had that look on her face that told me I’d better say yes to everything she said. Which I did. Because Grandma is pretty smart.

Anyway, back to your question: should you be sporty or girly? 

My answer is: Don’t worry about whether or not anybody likes you. Be nice, be awesome, and BE YOU! Forget whatever labels people put on you. Create your own label, full of ALL of the things that make your heart happy. 

Plus, the right guy will like you for who you are. So, as my friend Nikki would say, “Remember to always let your inner dork shine through!”

Have you ever felt like you have to choose between interests in order to please people—whether it’s sports, photography or writing? What did you do about it? Tell us in the comments!

September 8, 2020

Another AWESOME activity for you!

Hey everyone, I have another AWESOME activity for you! SQUEEEEEE!! 😀

If you were going to play a game and had to choose a team, which side would you be on: Team DORK or Team CCP?!

I’m not just curious, people–there’s actually a reason for WHY I asked you that! Today, I have this really cool Tic-Tac-Toe game that you can play, and you actually get to choose whether you play as a DORK or a CCP! Like, how cool is that?!

Just remember that whichever team you DON’T choose to be on will be your opposing team, so choose your team AND Tic-Tac-Toe spaces wisely! You will make a move and then the opposing team will make a move until there’s a winner or a tie.

Please click on the link HERE to get playing.

After you’ve tried out the game, let me know what you think in the comments below!

September 2, 2020


Hi Nikki,

I LOVE BOOKS!!! Sometimes when things are hard in my life, I read and pretend that I’m a character in a book. I’ve even acted like a book character in front of my friends! But now that I’m getting older, people think I’m weird and well. . . DORKY. I like being cool, but I also love reading and imagining what the characters are like…what should I do?

 Pretty Peculiar Pretender

Hi Pretty Peculiar Pretender,

I am SOOOO with you! Sometimes I wish I could swap lives with my favorite book characters and go someplace like Hogwarts, Narnia, or Wakanda (pretty much ANYWHERE that would get me away from my annoying little sister, Brianna).

I can completely relate to needing an escape from my Not-So-Perfect life. When I read stories, I get to travel to new places and forget my own problems (which, OMG, I’ve got plenty of, LOL!). Plus, when a book character finds their inner power and overcomes their challenges, it makes ME feel like I can do the same thing in my own life!

SO, back to playing pretend:

First of all, pretending to be a character is FUN!! Otherwise, we wouldn’t dress up on Halloween! Plus, really cool people do stuff like Comic-Con and pretend to be characters all the time! Have you ever heard of Cosplay? When people are big fans of stories, they put in tons of effort to look and act just like their favorite characters. Why? Because they’re just like you and know that it would be SO awesome to live inside their FAV story!

Also, did you know that pretending to be a book character can lead to an actual career?! Here are some examples of PROFESSIONAL pretenders to show you that reading and using your imagination is definitely cool! 😊

ACTORS/ACTRESSES: HELLOOOOO! Pretending to be characters is all actors and actresses do! All day long! And they are some of the most cool, cute and popular people ever, right?

THEME PARK PERFORMERS– Think about all of those people who work at places like Disney World! Their JOB is to pretend to be a character in a movie or book. They get PAID to use their imagination. Like, how cool is that?!!

AUTHORS– It sounds like your imagination is spot-on for being an author! Authors are ALWAYS trying to see what it’s like to be someone else—they are grown-ups who “play pretend” for a living! It’s pretty much the coolest job ever, right???

ARTISTS/ILLUSTRATORS-If you love drawing as much as I do, then you can use that brilliant imagination of yours to CREATE characters, worlds, and all sorts of fun stuff for a living! 

My advice is to keep reading and loving books! Keep using characters as inspiration and embrace your creativity! Being cool is being YOU. 

And always remember—DORKS RULE 😀!!

Have you ever wanted to be a character in a book? Tell us all about it in the comments!

August 31, 2020

Hey Dork fans, I have GREAT NEWS!!

I’ve created two new EXCITING scavenger hunt games that you can play either indoors or outdoors. The really cool part is that you can play by yourself with family members, or even online with your friends!

This will be the PERFECT activity for the upcoming Labor Day holiday on September 7th, when you’ll be chillaxing at home with your families.

To make the game more challenging, you can compete with a person to see who finishes the list first or gets the most items. Pretty cool, huh?!

Please click on the videos below to get started. I have both an INDOOR and an OUTDOOR scavenger hunt waiting for you.


Oh, one last thing–don’t forget to print out your scavenger hunt lists by clicking on the links below!

What do you think of my new scavenger hunt game? Leave your thoughts in the comments section!

August 30, 2020

September Calendar: Remote Learning

Right click the download button to save the calendar of your choice on your computer.

1 vertical page – 8½ x 11in
August 29, 2020


Hi Brandon,

OMG, I am freaking out! We are going to have a dance at my school this Halloween. It’s going to be in-person with social distancing or by video with Zoom. Either way, EVERYONE will be able to see my horrible attempts at dancing! I have ZERO rhythm and end up looking so stupid (TRUST ME—I’ve seen video evidence from my cousin’s bat mitzvah party). The only dance I can do is the chicken dance, and even then, I end up doing the wrong moves half the time. I really want to go, but I’m thinking about just pretending to be sick. What should I do??? HELP!!

This Dork Don’t Dance

What’s Up This Dork Don’t Dance,

First of all, you are NOT alone. Do you know how seriously nervous I was when I danced with Nikki for the first time? (See Dork Diaries Book 6: Tales From A Not-So-Happy Heartbreaker.) I was feel-like-I-might-puke nervous! It’s completely normal to freak out when you’re doing something that you feel like you’re not the best at, whether it’s dancing, sports, taking a test or… well, a million other things.

I totally understand why you might want to pretend to be sick. I’ve felt the same way before. But you know what? I really wanted to be on that dance floor with my friends, and it turns out, it was really fun! Nobody was paying attention to us because they were too busy having fun themselves (other than MacKenzie, who was glaring at me and Nikki the whole time for some reason).

Listen, I get how you might be like, “WHATEVER, Brandon—you don’t know how anxious I am about embarrassing myself!” While I don’t know EXACTLY how you feel because I’m not you, I can definitely relate. I hope you do end up going to that dance. Here’s some advice:

    1. Watch videos about learning how to dance. There are plenty online. You can look up all kinds of dances. Videos are great because you can do them over and over until you feel more confident. After doing them, stand in front of a mirror or use a cell phone to record yourself to see if you’re staying on rhythm.Here are some things that you can Google to find different dance tutorials (you should probably check with your parents before getting on the internet—I know that my grandparents would want to know what I was looking at online):
      • Easy Dance Moves
      • Step-by-Step Dance For Beginners
      • Easy Hip Hop Dance Tutorials
      • Easy Line Dances
    2. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Listen, it’s kind of like when I have to get up in front of the class to talk. I get really self-conscious and feel like I’m babbling. But you know what Nikki told me? She feels the same way! And then she said something that really helped. She said, “I always think that people are waiting for me to mess up. But you know what? I bet most of them are too busy being worried about the fact that THEY might mess up! Well, except MacKenzie, who thinks she’s PERFECT.” I completely agree with Nikki—especially the MacKenzie part, HA!
    3. Have “practice” dance parties with your closest friends, via Zoom if necessary. Do some silly dances—as Nikki would say, “Always let your inner dork shine through!” And try more challenging ones, too. You could even put on Michael Jackson’s Thriller video and try to dance along with it—especially for Halloween.
    4. Practice, practice, practice! Just like with anything, the more you do something, the more confident you’ll get. Just remember not to burn yourself out. If it stops being fun, then take a pizza break, a call-a-friend break, or a Fuzzy Friends break (there’s nothing like a cute pet to make you feel like everything’s going to be all right).

    Okay, those are all the tips I’ve got. WCD has dances every now and then—I think I’ll take my own advice and go brush up on some dance moves.😀

    Have you ever been nervous about dancing in front of people (or doing anything that you were, well, less-than-talented at)? What did you do about it? Tell us in the comments below!

August 25, 2020

Vote for your favorite Dork Diaries Book!

Hey, Dork fans! How about a fun voting activity?!

Today you get to pick which Dork Diaries book is your all-time favorite. After you’ve voted, please tell us in the comments section below what the title of the book is, why you love it, and what your fav scene is.

Click on the VOTE NOW button below to get started!