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January 19, 2020

People won’t making fun of me!!!

Hey Brandon,

There’s a REALLY embarrassing video of me singing on stage for my 6th Grade graduation ceremony and the whole school has seen it!!! When people pass me in the hallway, they mimic me singing in a really RUDE way!!! I was sick and my voice cracked in the middle, and people make fun of my appearance too! I feel really embarrassed when this happens and try to stand up to them. But it just gets worse! What Should I do?!

Teased And Tired

Hey Teased And Tired,

OH wow, this sounds ROUGH. It was probably embarrassing enough to have to perform when you weren’t feeling your best. And then there’s a video of it…and then lots of people are watching it and making fun of you…it kind of reminds me of when Mackenzie recorded Nikki singing with her little sister at Queasy Cheesy. Which is SO NOT COOL. ☹

I’m sorry people are being jerks. It will eventually blow over and people will forget about it. But that doesn’t make it any easier now while the focus is on you. 

In this kind of situation, I think you have two options.

  1. Roll your eyes like you SO don’t care and they’re SO immature. This only works if you can convincingly act like they don’t bother you at all. If they’re not getting a reaction from you, they’re likely to move on sooner.
  2. Laugh with them, and find a way to make it seem like you think it’s hilarious too. Offer an encore! This takes a lot of self-confidence, but if you don’t seem like an easy target, again they’re going to move on sooner. They might even start to think you’re COOL if you own your dorky moment. Think of my friend Nikki Maxwell. She’s made a whole BOOK SERIES out of her DIARY and all the SILLY, EMBARRASSING moments in her life!

If you have some friends who support you and aren’t making fun of you about this, they could also do both of the above things WITH you, when people make fun of you. Lots of people rolling their eyes and acting too mature for a joke are going to shut it down super fast.

(And if any of your true friends ARE making fun of you about this, you should tell them honestly that it really bothers you and you wish they’d stop.)

It will pass. I promise.

And when something like this happens to someone else, you’ll know how it feels, and maybe you can stand up for them.

Have you, a friend or family member ever had an embarrassing moment recorded or talked about by lots of people? Don’t be scared…tell us all about it in the comments.

January 16, 2020


Hey Nikki,

Why is my BFF so obsessed about how I do on tests and stuff?! She’s been my good friend since forever, and all of a sudden, she’s obsessed with grades. And not only her grades, but MINE too! It’s like, she has to know what I got on EVERYTHING. I don’t want to share my grades, but she keeps pestering me until I tell her. She has to know what I got on that English test or that math quiz, and it’s so frustrating, I could SCREAM. Do you have any advice for me?


Grade Grief

Hi Grade Grief,

That IS frustrating! Your grades are YOUR business and you shouldn’t have to share them with anyone. Sometimes sharing grades might make us feel good, but it usually ends up making us feel bad. Or even worse—envious! ☹

I wonder WHY your friend is so nosy about grades. I can think of a few possibilities:

  1. Grades are very important to her (or her parents). If it’s new behavior, it might be because her parents have just started focusing more on grades, or she has started thinking more about doing well in high school and getting into a good college. If she’s suddenly got grades on the brain, it might just be something she wants to share with you. She might think you find it interesting too, or you find it helpful to talk about.
  1. .
  2. She might be struggling in school. If she is, she might be stressed out about it and trying to find out if she’s the only one.
  3. She might be doing really well and feeling proud of herself. In which case she’s kind of showing off or super competitive. This is ANNOYING, but kind of depends on HOW she’s talking about it. She might be acting like an arrogant know-it-all, or she might just be excited that hard work paid off!
What’s super frustrating is it sounds like you’re trying not to answer and she’s not picking up on that. Have you told her directly that you don’t want to talk about grades? Sometimes you have to be really clear about these things. You don’t have to give reasons, you can just say it makes you feel uncomfortable and you really wish she wouldn’t ask you about your grades. 

If she STILL doesn’t listen to you, I say you start just making up nonsense answers. Say you got 120% or a zillion percent or whatever! 

How do you feel about sharing your grades with friends? How do you react when friends don’t listen to you? Tell us in the comments! 

January 13, 2020


Have you ever had surgery? I feel super lucky that I haven’t. But I know kids have surgery every day, and it must be super scary!

That’s why I was so excited to discover Charlotte, a clever girl who designed a line of dolls specifically for kids who are about to have surgery. Charlotte herself was born with a cleft lip and palate, a facial deformity that meant she had to have two surgeries before she was even one year old. And even more after that!

When she was seven, Charlotte got her first sewing machine. Once she’d learned the basics, she sewed a doll that looked like her, with long, brown braids. Then she added a detail no store-bought doll would ever have – stitches on the doll’s mouth in the same place Charlotte has a scar.

That’s when the idea for Stitches by Charlotte was born. Charlotte wanted other kids facing surgery to have the comfort of a doll that looked like them. She started sewing more dolls, boys and girls with different skin tones and hair colors. She added stitches on the chest for a kid having heart surgery. She added stitches on the head for a kid having brain surgery.

Charlotte has sewn over 200 dolls. Now Stitches by Charlotte dolls are a whole business and can be bought by anyone who wants to comfort a child heading into surgery. The dolls come with a needle and thread, and instructions on how to add stitches to the dolls. Kids or parents can do this, and sometimes doctors or nurses do the stitches and use the dolls as a way to explain the surgery to the child.

Charlotte is eleven years old now, and totally healthy. When she’s not sewing, she loves theater and reading. And mostly she loves making people smile! 

Isn’t that awesome? Doesn’t it make you want to go out and put a smile on someone’s face?

Check out http://stitchesbycharlotte.com/ for more info on Charlotte and her dolls!

What simple acts of kindness do you think could make another person’s day? Is it something you could do or create? Tell us about it in the comments below!

January 11, 2020


Dear Brandon,

Please help me! At my school, teams in P.E. are SO unfair. All the sporty kids are picked for the same team, and then they DESTROY the rest of us. If I do end up on the same team as the sporty kids, they yell at me for not being good enough!!! I do Taekwondo and I’m a black belt, but I don’t think of myself as very athletic. What should I do?

P.E. Problems

Hey P.E. Problems,

Ugh, PE is like the WORST. Forming teams, changing in dingy locker rooms, and not feeling very athletic compared to everyone else…it’s like one hour of pure TORTURE, huh?

It seems like it should be fun, but it’s NOT. At least, IMO (in my opinion). But then I’m not very athletic either.

Which means I have definitely been crushed by all-star teams AND yelled at for letting the athletic kids down. It’s frustrating because it seems like PE should be fun. It should be a chance to get up, move, and play games. Which are FUN, right? But I don’t know if you’ve ever tried saying, “It’s just a game” to someone who’s super competitive. It does NOT go over well.

Try to focus on the positives. Do you have friends in your PE class? If so, then try to enjoy hanging out with them. Well, at least you’re outside and not doing math (or whatever your least favorite class may be. Besides PE, of course. ☺) Try to be positive and laugh it off when you mess up. Some people might not get that it’s just a game, but you do.

You could also try asking the athletic kids for pointers. People like to show off what they’re good at. If you ask for help, they’ll see that you’re making an effort and appreciate that.

You could also talk to your teacher about trying some new activities. If you’re always playing soccer, baseball or basketball, that plays right into the strengths of the sporty kids who’ve been playing those games since preschool. But maybe you could help lead a Taekwondo unit! Dance, gymnastics, or yoga are other unique options that include kids with different types of skills and interests. Hey, it can’t hurt to try!

No matter what, you’re not alone. A lot of kids struggle in PE. But don’t let that discourage you from getting a good workout. I mean, if you’re a black belt in Taekwondo, then you probably know this. Physical activity really helps relieve anxiety and helps you get a good night’s sleep.

Are you a competitive athlete in PE, or are you afraid of the ball? How do you get exercise, in or out of school? Tell us in the comments!

January 9, 2020


Help, Nikki!

I feel so immature compared to everyone else in my friend group. My room is painted purple with flower stickers on the wall. I’ve always liked my room and spent a lot of time in it, but my friends all have cute, trendy rooms with matching bedspreads, pillows and wallpaper. They don’t have stuffies and toys in their rooms. They all seem so mature even though we’re the same age. I always have this feeling of being left out. What should I do?

Immature And Insecure

Hello Immature And Insecure,

Well first of all, now I want to paint MY bedroom purple! It IS my fav color, after all! I think your room sounds awesome. I also don’t think there’s anything immature about stuffed animals or flower stickers.

Your room should feel like YOU. You could make it into some sort of sophisticated interior design showroom, but it wouldn’t change who YOU are.

It sounds like maybe this isn’t only about your bedroom. You might be feeling behind in other ways. There are SO many things that change in our tween years. For example, your friends might get new cell phones and you don’t have one yet. They might even start wearing makeup or have crushes, and none of that stuff has happened to you yet.

And you know what? Most of those things bring pressure with them. For example, having a crush seems exciting—and it is! But A LOT of letters I get are about “crush-tastrophes,” or crushes that drive people KA-RAY-ZEE. Having your own phone seems cool and super mature. But as soon as you do, there’s texting and social media drama. PLUS I get tons of letters from people feeling addicted to their phones!

Hey, this stuff isn’t ALWAYS bad. But, you shouldn’t rush into it or want it just because your friends have it since it’s not always much fun.

ALSO! A lot of these things might make you feel more mature? But they don’t mean you truly are. After all, maturity is really more about how you are inside and how you handle things emotionally. Anyone can put on lip gloss or high heels. But how do they react when they don’t get their way? (Hmmm…Mackenzie Hollister comes to mind…)

And you know what else? I just googled “college dorm room stuffed animal” and in the image search I saw a TON of stuffies!

So no, I don’t think you’re immature for your age. And I definitely don’t think you need to change anything about your room. Your room should be a safe, comfy place to let your inner DORK shine through!

Hey readers, what do you guys think? Do you ever feel immature compared to your friends? Any advice for Immature And Insecure?

January 6, 2020

Quirky Question Of The Week

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the DORKIEST of them all?!

Oh, hi guys! I just happened to find this MAGIC MIRROR hanging on the wall and wanted to ask it a question. 

Ever since I’ve saw the Evil Queen in Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs say, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all,” I’ve ALWAYS wanted to ask a magic mirror my burning question! 

Magic mirrors aren’t just for evil witches. Which reminds me of this week’s Quirky Question! If YOU could ask a magic mirror ANYTHING and get the honest truth, WHAT would you ask it?

Please leave your answers in the comments below!

December 31, 2019

January Calendar – Happy New Year!

Right click the download button to save the calendar of your choice on your computer.

1 vertical page – 8½ x 11in
December 25, 2019

Happy Holidays!!

Hover over the image to open the card!

Season’s Greetings to our Dork Superfans old and new!

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

from: Rachel and Nikki

December 24, 2019


Okay, so remember when I told you last week that I had a SECRET SANTA?! Well, today I found out who it was!

This morning when I got to my locker, I found a note on it that said:

Today will be a special day,

To meet your Secret Santa. HOORAY!

Before lunch, please don’t forget

To meet us near the janitor’s closet! 🙂 

I COULD NOT wait until lunch. When it finally came around, I dashed to the janitor’s closet just in time to come face to face with…wait for it…


I couldn’t believe my eyes. “MacKenzie,” I stammered. “You’re my SECRET SANTA?!”

Mackenzie took a step back from me like I was a bad case of stomach flu. Then she grimaced.

“WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! I don’t do that immature Secret Santa stuff! And besides, I’d NEVER waste a single penny on a pathetic, un-manicured FASHION DISASTER like you. I’m just here waiting for Jessica to meet me for lunch. Where is she?!”

Then she turned up her nose and sashayed away. I just HATE IT when she sashays!! 🙁

Well, false alarm. Looks like it WASN’T MacKenzie after all. And I’m NOT surprised. You couldn’t pay that girl a million dollars and a lifetime supply of lipgloss to do something nice for me!

Suddenly, I heard “MERRY CHRISTMAS NIKKI!” from behind me. I turned around just in time to see Chloe, Zoey and Brandon waving with big smiles on their faces.

“SURPRISE!!” Chloe exclaimed with jazz hands. “We couldn’t decide who should be your Secret Santa this year, so all three of us decided to do it!”

“Yeah!” Zoey agreed. “Chloe decorated your locker with Brandon and Max Crumbly’s help since they lent her the Christmas lights. And I baked you the Christmas cookies.”

“And I’m the one who gave you the dog sweater, gloves and dog treats.” Brandon blushed and moved his bangs from his eyes. “My grandma knit the sweater and gloves. I made the treats. Your dog treat business really inspired me!”

(BTW, if you want to know more about my dog treat business, check out my 13th Diary, Tales From A Not So Happy Birthday! 🙂 )

I almost thought I’d melt into a huge puddle of gooey…lovesick…HAPPINESS when Brandon said that! And Chloe and Zoey are the best. BFFS. EVER!!  

“OMG you guys, thank you!” I gushed as I blinked back tears. “You really made this day super special for me. Now I need to do something super special for each of you!”

As we all walked to lunch, I started to brainstorm some ideas when Brandon leaned over and whispered, “So, what’s up with Chloe and Zoey and the janitor’s closet?? They wouldn’t stop talking about what a great spot it was to meet you at!”

“Yeah…” I giggled. “Pretty weird huh?!”

Maybe I’ll tell him about that later. But until then, some things were just meant to be kept a secret! 😉

I was SO thrilled to receive my gifts from my Secret Santas Chloe, Zoey and Brandon!

What do you guys think I should give them? Leave your ideas in the comments!

Christmas Charades

Today it was snowing like crazy! Which meant I was trapped inside the house with my NUTTY family!

As usual, Mom wanted to take full advantage of the snowy day.  So, she decided we needed to have some “Family Sharing Time.”  Before I could escape to my bedroom to chillax and write in my diary, Mom cheerfully announced, It’s time for “Christmas Charades!”

Great! Just great! Now I’m trapped in my house forced to hang out with my WACKY family, AGAIN. And, as you already know, The Maxwell Family Sharing Time can be pretty DEADLY!!!

As luck would have it, Brianna paired up with Mom which meant I was STUCK with Dad!😩

Dad drew the first card and started, um … breakdancing?!

Is the answer “Dancer!” Santa’s Reindeer, I stuttered?!

YES!! Dad shouted as he gave me a fist bump then broke into his signature John Travolta Saturday Night Fever disco dance!

Okay, I love my family and everything. But sometimes I think they’re, um . . . A FEW CLOWNS SHORT OF A CIRCUS!!

Even though I usually HATE Family Sharing Time, I have to admit it ended up being REALLY REALLY FUN! Now I know why Mom said that “spending preplanned quality time together as a family encourages love, mutual respect and bonding.”

Check out our Christmas Charades Game.  I hope you have as much fun playing it as we did! I seriously can’t wait until our next Family Sharing Time! 😀

Do you have Family Sharing Time? What do you typically dread during the holidays that actually turns out being REALLY fun?!

You can play too!

Download and print my Christmas Charades.

Grab your friends, family and form teams.

Get ready for a laugh!