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September 3, 2015


Nikki Visits Dork Diaries


I think it’s time for a few changes here at the Dork Diaries web site and I need YOUR help!

I want to make the Dork Diaries web site even better, and I’d like your your feedback and ideas on how to do it!  

Take a look at our Home Page…  

I will be taking down all “Inactive” and “Coming Soon” pages because they are wasting space.  However… 

Which 6 active pages are your MOST favorite (that we should definitely keep)?  

Which 6 active pages are your LEAST favorite (that should we get rid of)?


Vote YES or NO on the following? Should we have… 

a Shopping page for Dork Diaries items like t-shirts, posters, hoodies, etc.?

a Dork of the Month column featuring a photo and an article about a Dork Diaries reader?

a Dork Diaries MOVIE update page?

a You’ve Been DORKIFIED page!  Each week Nikki will draw one lucky fan as a Dork Diaries CARTOON character from a photo?  

a brand new Dork Diaries COMIC STRIP that will be sent to all Fan Club members?

a “How To Become A Writer” page featuring advice from Rachel Renee Russell?

the “Ask Brandon” column replaced with something new?

the “Ask Nikki” column replaced with something new?

the “Fan Stories” page replaced with something new?

More special Fan Club updates emailed to official fan club members?

LESS topics on the front page because there are too many things to look at?  



Which is your most FAVORITE Dork Diaries book in the series and why? 

Which books in the series are your second and third favorite?

How many of the books have you read?  How many do you own?  

Would you read a book about my little sister, BRIANNA?

How often do you visit the Dork Diaries web site?  


Please give me your suggestions and/or ideas for how to make this website better (other than regular updates, which I will try to do)? 


Please post your comments below.